Drive Los Angeles to Las Vegas with California classic cars online

Driving Las Vegas to Los Angeles

If you are planning a little trip from the scorching city of Las Vegas to the dreamy beaches of the Los Angeles, why not give road tripping a try?

Tourists to Las Vegas and LA may be hesitant to travel through cars as they are concerned about the traffic that might delay their journey. The truth is the journey driving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles takes 4 hours. The easiest way for a traveler to make this experience happen is renting a car. You don’t always plan a trip to go from Las Vegas to Los Angeles but when you do make sure it is one worth every penny. When you are using a car rather than flight options you get to enjoy the whole trip as you can stop by any place in between take a few pictures, enjoy the nature and move on. Whereas if you are on a bus or airplane you have to sit for atleast2-4 hours jammed on your seats without any place to move, all you can do is look out the window.

After you set off for this small expedition take a stop at the town of Baker which is famous for having a picture taken with the biggest thermometer, have a strawberry shake at the Mad Greek or beef jerky from Alien Jerky. There are various vintage themed dinners on the way that give off a 1970s vibe with the best apple pies and hamburgers on the menu. It will be an absolute adventure to stroll around Bottle tree Ranch which has metallic trees made with glass bottle branches which is known to be Elmer’s art collection. The freeway holds massive sandstone giants that will get your eye in an instant. The trail seems to be never ending at first when you are coming towards Los Angeles but when it all passes away you can see the hustle bustle of this beautiful city. So, without further ado book down a rental car and make memories!

Classic Car rental services are now high in demand, all you have to do is make a phone call and the car of your choice that can accommodate as many people as you like is delivered to where you are staying. If you choose to go through airplane you have to go through airport security, check points and you never know when your flight might get delayed. Rental cars can be used to reach the exact location rather than ending stranded at the LAX airport and a heavy cab fare to pay.  You can appreciate all the scenic beauty with your family, because you can interact with each other. There are so many economical offers made by rental car services according to your budget to help you in cherish your journey without any worries. Most of the rental cars come installed with the latest features which will ensure your car voyage goes smooth and sound.